As polarizer in chief, former President Trump has made voting seem more vital than ever. LA Times
VOA VIEW: Liberal media stupidity.
Women who take painkillers could be increasing their baby's odds for developing attention disorders and sleeping problems, new research suggests. New York Post
VOA VIEW: Anyone pregnant should avoid all medications.
In 2016, amid his first run for Senate, he stated that he had a "Black Lives Matter kind of worldview." New York Post
VOA VIEW: Fetterman is a liberal mess.


We need elected leaders who respect and uphold our rights in raising and doing what is best for our kids. New York Post
VOA VIEW: All Dems would be wise to do the same.
The Hurricane Hunters continue to fly into the eye of Hurricane Ian to gather essential data for National Hurricane Center meteorologists. New York Post
With the midterms on the horizon and President Joe Biden’s dismal approval numbers causing alarm within the Democratic Party, former President Barack Obama is playing the race card trying to shift the narrative from Biden’s failed leadership to falsely insinuating that Republicans are “racists” for opposing mass illegal immigration. New York Post
VOA VIEW: Open borders are a stupidity.
Biden thanked "all of you here," singling out Rep. Jackie Walorski and other lawmakers. Walorski died in a car wreck in August.       USA Today
VOA VIEW: Biden is not clearly in the right state of mind.
In taking the cases, the court added a highly polarizing issue to its docket, and another chance to unwind precedent, after it overturned Roe v. Wade.       USA Today
VOA VIEW: The SC should not go to the left.
A lawsuit brought by New York AG Letitia James accuses Trump and his family members of civil fraud for overstating the value of properties for profit.       USA Today
VOA VIEW: More liberal media nonsense.


Referendums dismissed by the West as "shams" in Russian-held regions in Ukraine won overwhelming support of voters, Russian officials said. Updates.       USA Today
VOA VIEW: As they should be.
It's a sign the nation's highest court after two years of coronavirus restrictions is returning to normalcy for the 2022 term. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Maybe this will bring the court to the right.
U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers in Louisville, Kentucky recently intercepted a shipment containing enough doses of fentanyl to kill 220,700 people, the agency announced Wednesday. Washington Times
A panel of the D.C. City Council has approved a bill that would allow legal immigrants to vote in D.C. elections. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Unconstitutional!

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Video-sharing platform TikTok responded Wednesday to complaints that it spreads political misinformation by releasing an update on its efforts to remove misleading content. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: TIKTOK should be banned from the US.
Federal agents seized more than 10 million fentanyl pills and roughly 980 pounds of fentanyl powder in a months-long surge operation carried out across the country. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Those involved should undergo strong criminal prosecution.
From May to September of this year, the Department of Justice has seized an estimated 10 million fentanyl-laced pills, officials said on Tuesday at DEA headquarters. ABC
VOA VIEW: The DOJ has done nothing.


North Korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles toward the East Sea on Wednesday, just one day before U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris arrives in South Korea. ABC
VOA VIEW: NK is looking to test Biden.
Regions Bank for a second time in a decade was found charging illegal overdraft fees in a settlement that will require the bank to repay $141 million to customers plus $50 million in fees ABC
Industry analysts weigh in on whether Florida's Hurricane Ian will cause a hike in food and gas prices in the U.S. ABC
VOA VIEW: Prices will go up in Florida and nationwide.
It didn't take long for Hurricane Ian to unleash its wrath on Florida's power grids. CBS
VOA VIEW: It will be hard times for a while.
CBS News correspondent Meg Oliver takes a trip to the grocery store with consumer reports expert Brian Vines to learn small ways to save big in the grocery store. CBS

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The U.S. allocated billions to rebuild the grid, but the island has seen less than 20% of the money. CBS
VOA VIEW: Puerto Rico officials are mostly thieves.
Ken Griffin, Citadel Founder & CEO, believes the Federal Reserve has more work to do to bring down inflation even after a series of big rate hikes. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Biden is doing everything possible to increase inflation.
Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin predicts that Republican gains in the 2022 midterms would be a reset on the economy and may help curb recession woes. CNBC
VOA VIEW: The key is Republicans must prevail in November.

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Rent price increases are getting smaller, but they are expected to be above normal levels well into 2023. CNBC
These are the first real-world findings on how well the vaccine is working in the current outbreak CNBC
VOA VIEW: The CDC is not very accurate.
The IRS skipped advanced child tax credit payments for millions and mistakenly sent payments to filers who didn't qualify. But aid was 98% accurate overall. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Liberal doubletalk.
A conservative legal group brought the first legal challenge to President Joe Biden's sweeping plan to cancel up to $20,000 in student debt for millions of people. CNBC
VOA VIEW: There should be no loan forgiveness.
Many people postponed routine medical care because of disruptions related to the Covid-19 pandemic. That includes a decline in cancer screenings, such as mammograms and colonoscopies. In the meantime, cancer remains one of the major causes of death in the United States, second only to heart disease. CNN
A man planned to firebomb California’s Democratic Party’s headquarters. However, his sentencing has been delayed after a judge rejected a plea agreement. FOX News
Oil spills from tanker ships and pipelines have decreased from the 1990s to 2019. However, oil spills from drilling rigs and production platforms have increased. FOX News
Residents are trapped by water in homes and streets are unrecognizable, underwater as Hurricane Ian made landfall in southwest Florida on, Wednesday afternoon, crashing into the coast with sustained wind of 155 mph. UPI
A federal jury on Wednesday ordered Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, to pay nearly $175 million in damages after ruling that the company infringed on two patents held by a walkie-talkie messaging app. UPI
VOA VIEW: Meta and Facebook can't be trusted.
The European Commission on Wednesday proposed new sanctions on Russia after escalated attempts to annex four regions in Ukraine, including referendums condemned as a "sham" by the international community. UPI
VOA VIEW: The so-called election was a fraud.
U.S. stocks rallied Wednesday, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average breaking a six-day losing streak with a nearly 550-point gain. UPI
VOA VIEW: The big question is what has changed to cause the rise?

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